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Royal Enfield Outland

Royal Enfield is a house hold name among bikers. Known for their classic yet modern designs. It has gained a loyal customer base for their well crafted bikes and the lifestyle that comes with a Royal Enfield bike.


We worked with the team at Royal Enfield, Bangalore to create an identity and a campaign for a  2 day biking adventure franchise called 'Outland'. We crafted the strategy and a plan of action which engaged with their audience before, during & after the event. 


Identity & Branding, Video, Photography


Royal Enfield

Our Process

Define the unique qualities of Outland and strategise a plan based on the insights gained.


Create engaging content through videos and photos to drive registrations.


Create a strong visual identity using the strategy and insights gained from research.


Deepen the audience connection with the brand by making merchandise & memorabilia.


Extend the visual identity into design collaterals for digital & print promotion. 


Giving a face to the brand

After a few conversations with the Royal Enfield team we narrowed down on 3 elements which defined 'Outland'. Riding, Camping and Community. We presented 3 options for the logo, our first option of the scenic view from the tent resonated with the vision of the brand.


Design Collaterals

Extending our visual identity into a digital and print campaign, we illustrated a fun, vibrant scene with glimpses of the event like Camping in the woods, Bon fire, Hikes, Workshops, BBQ, Arm Wrestling and Music.

Deepening the connection with the brand.

We created a custom line of merchandise for fans to buy as souvenirs to remind them of the great experiences, stories and memories from the event. Attaching intangible value to everyday object like T-shirts, Helmets, Wrist Bands & Bandanas; Fans feel more attached to the brand.