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OnePlus 5 Soft Gold

We were tasked with the responsibility of creating a fresh, hilarious and vibrant animated video for the launch of the OnePlus 5 Soft Gold.

The project brief had us juxtaposing ancient India with modern tech. Creating a quirky contrast, complimented by a love story and rich Indian aesthetics. 





In a world where Vimanas, Maharajas & Gold Phones exist.

Our concept was to create a visually striking story which captures people's imagination and entertains them thoroughly while focusing on the Phone.

The project got our creative juices flowing and had us weaving unlikely scenarios into a seamless love story which celebrates Indian heritage and folklore.

Making it Larger than Life

We were certain that the product had to be a major focus of the video. One way we achieved that was by making the phone unusually big, which added to the humour.

Grandest Gift in the Kingdom

Who doesn't love a surprise? Indian kings were known to buy extravagant gifts from far-way places. It can't better than a huge phone made of gold, delivered from outer space just for the queen.