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OnePlus 5 Lava Red

OnePlus approached us for a video campaign focused on the colour 'Red' we couldn't contain our excitement to get creative.

We strategised a video campaign which builds anticipation for the launch of the OnePlus 5 Lava Red without revealing too much of the phone. We collaborated with Little Fox Films to make a series of fun, red, stop-motion videos.





Curiosity killed the Cat, but sold a lot of phones.

Our concept was to use everyday objects as props in the video with a sense of anticipation and reward the audience with an unexpected outcome. Like a short amusing joke which piques your interest. 

Creative collaborations lead to greater discoveries. Little Fox Films brought their expertise in Stop-motion animation and a quirky style which was exactly what this project called for. 

It's time!

We picked 3 of our best ideas and presented it to the OnePlus team in the form of storyboards. After the concepts were approved, we sourced props needed for the 3 videos. First of which was a Red Alarm Clock. We picked the exact colour of red to match the phone and setup up lights to achieve a dark contrast background, focusing on the action in the foreground.