We specialise in Film and Design with a strong focus on understanding brands and crafting relevant solutions.

We are a boutique studio in Bangalore who take pride in our versatility as every project throws a unique challenge. We are a lean and efficient team with an extended network of creators who collaborate with us to create work that we are truly proud of. We run on great ideas, not coffee.


Amyth Venkataramaiah

Partner and Executive Producer

A curious mind, with a deep interest in expressing oneself through art. Amyth began as a photographer & graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. He handles all of our productions and brings our ideas to life.


Sant Mote

Creative Director

A lover of all things art, Sant began his career as a visual designer, with experience of over 8 years working with brands, he has since branched out into films. He leads our creative team, strategising campaigns that are unique and relevant to brands.


Sujith Venkataramaiah

Partner & Writer

A writer and musician, Sujith is the wise soul who always has the right thing to say. He has written screenplays for movies, web series and songs. 


Branding, Video Campaigns, Documentary, Animation, Graphic Design, Marketing and Photography.

Clients we've worked with

- OnePlus

- Royal Enfield


- Motorola

- Airtel

- Cult Fitness

- Puma

- Bangalore Central

- Toyota

- Karnataka Athletic Association

- Purple Dream

- Tom's Restaurant

- Divine Heritage